🌐✨ 4th Quarter SPDRRM Council Meeting Highlights  ✨🌐

[November 28, 2023]

We are delighted to share the key highlights from the recently concluded 4th Quarter SPDRRM Council Meeting, held on November 28, 2023, under the able leadership of Sorsogon Provincial Administrator Franco Eric Ravanilla. The meeting was marked by insightful presentations and significant updates on crucial matters affecting our province.
🌧️ Weather Outlook: Resident Meteorologist Ryan Orogo provided a comprehensive overview of the weather outlook for the upcoming months, helping us better prepare for potential challenges and ensure the safety of our community.
πŸŒ‹ Updates on Bulusan Volcano: Resident Volcanologist April Dominguiano shared vital updates on Bulusan Volcano, ensuring that we stay informed and prepared for any developments related to this natural wonder.
πŸ“‹ Presentation of Final Draft of LDRRM Plan 2024-2032: Mr. Nelson Bendillo presented the finalized draft of the LDRRM Plan for the years 2024-2032, a crucial document that outlines our strategies for disaster risk reduction and management.
πŸ’Ό Updates on the Utilization of 5% LDRRMF CY 2023: Mr. Nelson Bendillo also shed light on the efficient utilization of the Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Fund (LDRRMF) for the current year, ensuring transparency and accountability.
🀝 Community Partnerships and Collaborations: Engr. Raden Dimaano shared exciting news about collaborations with UNTV News and Rescue-Team Bicol, Caritas Foundation (Volunteers), and the 313th Naval Squadron Reserve. These partnerships aim to strengthen our disaster response capabilities and community resilience.
πŸ“‘ DICT Deployment/Turnover of VAST Equipment and Generator Set: Engr. Raden Dimaano provided updates on the deployment and turnover of vital equipment from the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), enhancing our technological capabilities for disaster response.
🚦 Capitol Compound Traffic Management: The meeting also addressed Capitol Compound Traffic Management, emphasizing the importance of efficient traffic flow for emergency response and daily operations.
We extend our gratitude to all Attendees, especially Administrator Franco Eric Ravanilla, for steering the meeting with wisdom and foresight. Together, we are committed to building a safer, more resilient Sorsogon.
Author: SPDRRMC Secretariat