Storm Surge Risk Map

A storm surge risk map delineates areas prone to storm surges along coastlines, considering factors like topography and historical data. Vital for emergency planning, these maps help identify vulnerable regions, enabling authorities to enhance coastal resilience, plan evacuations, and communicate warnings effectively. They play a crucial role in minimizing potential damage and ensuring community safety during coastal storms.

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A storm surge risk map is a visual representation that illustrates areas susceptible to storm surges along coastlines. It takes into account factors such as coastal topography, tidal conditions, and historical storm surge data to categorize regions based on their vulnerability. These maps are essential tools for emergency planning, coastal management, and risk mitigation. By identifying areas at higher risk of storm surge inundation, authorities can implement measures to enhance coastal resilience, plan evacuation routes, and communicate warnings to residents. Storm surge risk maps contribute significantly to community preparedness and the reduction of potential damage and loss of life during coastal storms.